SIDeR 2015 keynote and workshop

Friday, 27 March at SIDeR 2015

KEYNOTE: Breaking the mold: Embodied, sustainable and wild
In my first keynote address as associate professor of research at SDU Design in Kolding, I ask what the future of embodied interaction might be – beyond the digital paradigm.
New materials and techniques are transforming what is technically, aesthetically and ecologically viable. These innovations bring exciting challenges and opportunities. Yet few designers are equipped to engage with them. This is not a talk about how to develop the next new thing, but rather how to sustainably practice, and embody material interactions of a future you dream to inhabit.

WORKSHOP: point, line, plane | synaesthetic mapping  
Participants will be introduced to a range of processes that disrupt how the body is seen and experienced in motion, and therefore understood and imagined. The work is based on the LEM (Laboratory of Movement Study) workshops, developed by the late French Theatre Master, Jacques Lecoq and Architect, Krikor Belekian for the Ecole de Beaux Arts, School of Architecture in Paris in 1976, still taught today at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. I have developed and adapted the LEM for use in embodied interaction ideation, in particular for conceiving and developing body-based probes and future wearables.

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